Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sailing through Summer

A friend posted a link to this nifty little project (thanks Crystal!) and I happened to have all the supplies on hand ... well sort of. The plans called for a bendy straw to be taped to the bottom of the cup, but with not a bendy straw in sight I got errr creative? Bonus points for those who can name the yarn?

basically: freeze the straws in a little cup of water. Add a sail.

and voila


Dani teaches CJ the duck face

and Mon gave us a cool lunch idea

*Disclaimer: Dani made the "pretty" plate pictured here ... mine got a bit hurried once the natives came calling and was a little less then glamorous. ;D

so I made the girl some muffins, banana muffins to be exact.

and got absolutely no time to knit today but thought I'd share what's OTN. A Pippin Sweater by Three Irish Girls

and I little bit of Joey

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