Tuesday, July 19, 2011

after a visit to the farmers market this weekend I made my first attempt at Kale chips! Ironically enough Little Miss Garbage Disposal said "no thanks" but Mr. Picky devoured as many as he could get his hands on

CJ however was quite the fan of mama's plantanos :)

I have to share what fun it is raising a little girl! As the daughter of a tomboy the "girly" things are a new territory all their own but oh how fun. Now don't get me wrong, CJ can drive a mean dump truck and is known for being just as messy, if not messier, then her big brother. However, the color pink and all things frilly are appealing to her in a way I never expected. Today she requested a manicure and sat long enough for some french braids! I know such trivial things, but precious to me all the same, especially living in a house where the y chromosome is in the majority.

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