Friday, July 29, 2011

T is for Thursday

I confess that these photos are from LAST Thursday. While getting dressed and singing our "Days of the Week" Aiden made notice that "T is for Thursday and T is for Thomas". Both he and CJ had chosen their "Day out with Thomas" tees and Mommy chose to roll with it ...

*will someone kindly tell me WHY my 2 year old insists on making kissy faces at the camera?

The "T" books they chose

T is for testing, and a Terrific wake-up number after all the lows we have been battling :)

T is for turtles and toast

T is for torture, what big brothers do best

and T is for tower

of course we couldn't leave Joey out, Aiden chose Mater "You know mommy? Tu-Mater?"

T is for Teething. As I write this we can feel the edges of Joey's first two teeth!

T is for Tea Party

T is for Transmitter, a replacement one that is.

T is for TURKEY!

T is for Thumbkin

and T is for the "Ten Commandments"

ahh the musings of a housewife

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

after a visit to the farmers market this weekend I made my first attempt at Kale chips! Ironically enough Little Miss Garbage Disposal said "no thanks" but Mr. Picky devoured as many as he could get his hands on

CJ however was quite the fan of mama's plantanos :)

I have to share what fun it is raising a little girl! As the daughter of a tomboy the "girly" things are a new territory all their own but oh how fun. Now don't get me wrong, CJ can drive a mean dump truck and is known for being just as messy, if not messier, then her big brother. However, the color pink and all things frilly are appealing to her in a way I never expected. Today she requested a manicure and sat long enough for some french braids! I know such trivial things, but precious to me all the same, especially living in a house where the y chromosome is in the majority.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ice Pops and a Happy Birthday

Ywa. My children requested milk pops. I have them brainwashed and I am proud.

We also had the pleasure of celebrating a very special birthday this weekend! Happy 3rd Birthday JE!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sailing through Summer

A friend posted a link to this nifty little project (thanks Crystal!) and I happened to have all the supplies on hand ... well sort of. The plans called for a bendy straw to be taped to the bottom of the cup, but with not a bendy straw in sight I got errr creative? Bonus points for those who can name the yarn?

basically: freeze the straws in a little cup of water. Add a sail.

and voila


Dani teaches CJ the duck face

and Mon gave us a cool lunch idea

*Disclaimer: Dani made the "pretty" plate pictured here ... mine got a bit hurried once the natives came calling and was a little less then glamorous. ;D

so I made the girl some muffins, banana muffins to be exact.

and got absolutely no time to knit today but thought I'd share what's OTN. A Pippin Sweater by Three Irish Girls

and I little bit of Joey

Monday, July 11, 2011

Does it matter at all?

It's Monday, and that means doing weekend damage control. With lunch dishes approaching and the timer on my third load of laundry winding down this is what's keeping me lifted ...

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Baby Steps

I am resurrecting this blog from the depths of nowhere and hoping with baby steps to keep it alive. this is where we stand ...

Aiden is 3

My little ball of fire, full of energy and a want to learn.

CJ is 2

So sweet yet brave, a true cuddle bug.

Joey is 5 months

He is just the happiest, laid back little guy.

I'm having fun with this photography thing. Watch me grow.


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