Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thank you doesn't feel like enough ...

I don't want to share names and such since I don't know how much personal information these people would want shared on the internet but it was too much of a blessing not to bring attention to. And to be honest I just don't feel like a thank you will suffice for the kindness and love our family has been shown by these amazing people but I just want to thank each and every person from Squad 1. You have walked beside us through all of our family's ups and downs and I never quite understood the relationships forged by a volunteer fire department until you all came into our lives. You are all truly part of our family and we are eternally grateful for the love you've shown us and our sweet little girl. That being said ... OUR BABY GIRL IS GETTING HER PUMP!!! I can't say it without tearing up because I am just so excited for her. I can't tell you all enough how strong she has been through all of this never once changing her sweet and cheerful disposition. However, nothing breaks my heart more then feeling her body clench up, although without a spoken word of resistance, when she feels Eddie or I pinch her skin in preparation for an insulin dosage. I am so grateful for technology and knowing that my baby girl wont have to know that pain every day!

CJ's numbers have been honeymooning like a pro! Her numbers have stayed in the 100s-200s with minimal doses of novolog. Oh how I could get used to this, but I am aware that this is only her Pancreas's last ditch efforts. It is also a bit nerve racking watching her numbers creep so close to the 100 mark since low's are oh so dangerous. We are only to give her .5 units of novolog if her sugars are 180 and above at her pre-meal checks, but on occasion her numbers have been 183 or 189 and then it becomes hairy since .5 is the smallest dose one can accurately give with a syringe BUT if she doesn't nurse or eat her next snack properly it can send her into a low. This my friends is why we are so excited about the pump! With the new Revel my Medtronic you can give dosages as small as .025 units of insulin! So those carbs in 5 goldfish crackers we would have to hope wont send her into a low with the novolog can be calculated into her pump sending her the perfect amount of insulin for he little body! Almost like an algebra deficient electronic pancreas all her very own, not to mention it comes in pretty pink! If any of you care to take a peak at this snazzy piece of machinery here it is ...

and a video explaining all its wonderful abilities

And with that I'll leave you all with a little snippet of lyrics that have touched me over the past few days ...

Erin O'Donnell-Hold on to Jesus

"Hear me dear Jesus,
rock this little one to sleep
keep her close when she's scared, and
give her grace when she is weak.
I know she'll stumble, but i know she'll make it through
if you hold onto just like you said you do
hold her Jesus so she'll hold on tight to you"


  1. That is sooo neat! When is she getting her pump?

  2. HI! This is Shannon from Amanda's photography blog. THANK YOU SO Much for your kind words. I would love to follow your blog and go back and read your story. Joshua my 16 month old was DX at 11 months. As you know from Amanda things have been crazy for us as I am sure they have been for you to. I look forward to reading your story.



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