Monday, May 10, 2010

Better then a Hallelujah

God loves a lullaby

In a mothers tears in the dead of night

Better than a Hallelujah sometimes.

We pour out our miseries

God just hears a melody

Beautiful the mess we are

The honest cries of breaking hearts

Are better than a Hallelujah.

Those that know me know that song is the way to reach my soul and how my soul needed to be touched by this song. Had a rough night on Saturday but as sobering as it was it reminded me that my God is still beside me regardless of how I show my faith. That being said I have a few THANK YOU's to share ...

Last night we got news that Brite Medical (local pharmacy) has offered to give us CJ's med/supplies at cost of insurance! meaning no copay!!! *sobfest number 1* Mind you these are complete strangers who got wind of our situation through the fire department and all I can say is GOD IS GOOD!

Today my dear sister Dani and friend Brittany presented me with an amazing gift! They organized a pool from family and friends and presented us with enough money to cover the Diabetes Education class that our insurance will not cover AND more to put towards CJ's pump. Each and every one of you who donated have touched our lives and our hearts so deeply that words can't do the thanks we feel justice. *sobfest numero dos*

I have so much more to share but considering we need to leave the house at 8am tomorrow for the Diabetes Education class at the Molly Center so I'll leave you all with a little bit of cuteness :)


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