Monday, April 26, 2010

just a quickie

I hear the littles stirring upstairs so this will be a quick one ... correction I now have a blonde haired blue eyed smiley little assistant who is pretty occupied with her "mama hummms" at the moment :)

ok phew! nursies done, and a devastating diaper created and taken care of ... onto some cheerios while thing one happily snores away. (just to make ya'll apreciate the behind the scenes work that go on en la casa de Torres lol)

This is for Z and Whit since I've maxed out my monthly flickr allowance ... shocker.

CJ got her hands on a sippy she can actually function, although once realizing it was NOT full of mama milk she had very little interest in it and in fact hasn't given it a second look.

... yes Mon I am prepared for the flash lecture but alas it was a moment that needed capturing as much as my kitchen lighting needs a makeover

baby girl had a blast with some ravioli ... too cute not to share

EARTH DAY 2010! We celebrated with a trip to Bear Mountain Zoo on Saturday and then FINALLY got our little seedlings in the ground

...just to help you understand the adventure that is photographing two children

..apparently multiple picture upload submits them backwards but considering there are cheerio and cornbread muffin showers passing through my kitchen I will pass on the editing time

yes Aiden has been known to rock a mean Beco lately, ever since developing a love of the piggy back ... ignore the intense squished bewbie effect

I plan on making a cloth diapering post later in the day (in honor of Earth Day) so someone hold me accountable!

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