Tuesday, August 31, 2010

At Brittany's request ...

yes I have neglected this blog yet again *hides under rock*

For those of you who have not been updated via facebook or other means CJ has her pump!!! It proved to be a quite a fight with the insurance company but after two appeals and a peer to peer that was a miracle all itself WE GOT IT!!!


Yesterday we took a two part class at The Molly Center. The first half was with Linda, the nutritionist and the second with Rachel the CDE. We are pumping with saline until Friday as a practice run when we will switch over to insulin! YAY! I feel like a kid on Christmas!

And of course the good Lord had to put his hand in the mix. We had scheduled our appointment with Linda for 11 but she had accidentally us down for 3, she had one last patient to see and said she would squeeze us in regardless so we went for a walk up to the PEDs floor to visit the nurses that took such wonderful care of us during CJ's stay at diagnosis. Well not only were our favorite nurses there BUT under the charge of our absolute favorite nurse Joyce was an adorable little 2 year old girl just diagnosed on Saturday. Joyce asked if we would be willing to talk to the family and we were happy to do so. I was amazed at how quickly all the feelings flooded back just stepping onto the PEDs floor but seeing that momma was almost surreal. I felt as if I was watching a video of myself back in May, just going through the motions making it from one finger poke and shot to the next, trying to decipher the puzzle that is diabetes, all while expecting to wake up from this awful nightmare in just a moments notice. I saw every one of those emotions on this mama's face and felt so blessed that God had chosen me to be the voice of comfort and understanding I so desperately longed for in those first few days. PTL for giving me that opportunity because it helped me realize just how far we have truly come in the 4 months since we walked laps in those same hallways pushing the same little red car.

And now for some non-D related news

I'm sure most of you know this but we thrilled to announce that the Torres family is growing by yet another two feet! We are expecting a green little bundle around the end of February :D


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